Defining the future of Air Travel

The most intelligent and powerful application platform for at-terminal and in-flight experiences. Engaging, entertaining and delighting your passengers with online & offline apps & chatbots.


Air traveller expectations are increasingly defined by the superior digital experiences they enjoy at home.

Those expectations are all about convenience, personalisation and ease of information access. Inflight connectivity is opening up the opportunity for airlines to meet them. But simply digitising onboard experiences isn’t enough. The traveller of the future expects an intimate, seamless experience not only from gate to gate but from booking point to onward travel.

That’s where FrontM comes in. We help airlines, airports and their service providers create intimate, mobile-led and AI-powered experience for their customers. Experiences that inform, delight and empower, without a break in service.



Your airline’s own app store. Engage, entertain and delight your customers with network efficient e-commerce apps and chatbots that work online and offline. Runs on customer devices or your existing in-cabin portals.



Conversation-led engagement for today's always connected travellers. Simplify info access & automate inbound enquiries. Engage time-conscious travellers in context-relevant ways on their Channel of choice


Data & IT Providers

Connect travellers before, through their journey & after with your systems. Enable an efficient use of hidden value of your data. Personalised interactions maximum value exchange via one seamless interface



Promote your retail, food, transport, hotel, events, activities or other products and services to travellers across multiple airlines and airports. Drive discovery, access & purchase in the most simple & human-like way