Chatbots for Satellite Hardware Providers

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Value added manufacturers (VAM) and hardware providers/distributors are key partners of Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) providers such as Inmarsat, Intelsat, Iridium, Thuraya, SES, etc. VAMs extend a MSS provider’s reach and bring broadband internet to remote sites by developing better terminal technologies over the existing and new networks.

The key product and brand differentiators for the VAMs and hardware distributors have mainly been the product features and their pricing strategies.

Now, Customer experience (CX) has overtaken these traditional qualities as key competitive advantage for the VAMs.

As with consumer hardware product companies, it’s ever more important for VAMs to engage their customers seamlessly across their product usage and support journey. This means delivering the right message, at the right time. In SatCom, it also means delivering help instantly, especially at the users moment of need.

Today, the preferred channel for engaging and serving users is instant messaging. The simplicity and effectiveness of instant messaging, augmented with the power of Artificial Intelligence, is brought together by us as FrontM Chatbots. FrontM has been specifically working on making Chatbots suitable for remote satellite users and in empowering VAMs to easily address their customer experience requirement.

FrontM platform also includes out-of-the-box capability to integrate with the terminal. Complex dark-screen telnet sessions should be a thing of the past.

Irregular satellite connection shouldn’t be an ongoing operational overhead for end users to deal with. In fact when the connection is compromised is when the satellite users need help the most, so FrontM is designed to provide support even offline and use the available bandwidth very carefully. FrontM’s cognitive, human-like interaction model for terminal users as well as preemptive and corrective smarts keeps the remote operations going without interruption.

The Tip of the Iceberg

The Tip of the Iceberg

The timing couldn’t be better for VAMs to bring Chatbots into their business. Talk to us for a de-risked pilot to evaluate our technology. Or, if you have a thought or a comment, we would be glad to hear it.

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