Automated Service Assurance for Sea farers




Sea going Commercial Vessels operate on-board IT infrastructure including satellite connectivity and network management systems. A key challenge in Maritime industry is in empowering the Crew to be self-sufficient and self-reliant in operating and troubleshooting the myriad of onboard systems and applications, when they are at sea.

Providing new support tools that are themselves complex and require additional training for the Crew, does not solve the problem.

FrontM was engaged by Inmarsat, a leading global satellite communication provider, to deliver service assurance and support automation for operating the lifeblood of operations at Sea, the satellite connectivity.


The application deployment called ServiceM automated  the common quantitative and qualitative enquiries that the Crew would make if they had an onboard tech expert or continuous access to Inmarsat help desk.ServiceM cognitively responds to events, issued notifications, triggered actions as well as provided a natural Conversational AI interface to Crew for a super-simple experience. ServiceM enable a truly continuous user experience  irrespective of the connection status.

ServiceM does this by mixing technical parameters such as signal to noise ratio and CPU load from the onboard satellite terminal, with contextual data such as weather that impacts line-of-sight to the satellite. The platforms offline conversational AI user interface and distributed business logic hosted on onboard server as well as operational laptops and users mobile devices as an app, results in a reliable and dependable tool for the crew that never switches off.



The end result is a virtual provision of service providers help desk on the vessel. ServiceM brings support costs down by at least 30% and has is bringing a step change in giving the control back to the user.