We are making conversational computing and AI a reality for isolated environments


FrontM is an Edge Intelligence platform, particularly focussed on solving problems in Satellite Connectivity markets. Easily build solutions on our platform to analyse multimodal data using machine learning and push intelligence to the edge of the network to drive automation and instant judgement for your users in isolated environments. Each solution is offered as a Chatbot that simplifies user experience and even works offline



We are helping the economic development of the ocean that contributes to prosperity, today and long into future

Explore FrontM for sustainable fishing, safety at sea & customer service support

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We are shaping the future of air travel by helping businesses exploit in-flight WiFi and provide supreme passenger experience

Explore passenger on-board Chatbots and free-use partner sponsored app models

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Remote Land

We are enabling businesses to make the most of out Mobile Satellite Services and low-data rate IoT solutions 

Explore FrontM for asset tracking, anomaly detection & remote customer support

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