Some of our ongoing projects for Maritime markets


CatchM, automating fish catch compliance monitoring

Funded by Innovate UK, CatchM is being built for the cause of sustainable fisheries. Disproportionate amounts of  bad catch is discarded back into the sea which is breaking the fine balance in the marine ecosystem. CatchM uses multimodal data (location from satellite, fisherman catch behavioural data and catch images), applies Machine Learning algorithms and detects non-compliance at the edge of the network. CatchM automatically raises alerts to the monitoring agency or the regulator if a non-complaince is detected. This is posing to save regulators millions of dollars that are currently being spent in manual monitoring procedures. 


TrackM, tracking assets made super easy & clever

Be it tracking a fleet of boats, trucks or any other assets, with TrackM's superior situational awareness created by analysing multimodal data, businesses can achieve unprecedented levels of efficiencies.