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Imagine your airline UI has an inline app-store with a range of Applications from in-flight Chat, onboard services, shopping to smart moving maps?  What if you are able to democratise the build of these applications to also nurture a vast partner and developer ecosystem? And imagine if each application leveraged onboard data points, ensured quality by masking any connectivity inconsistencies and ensured the highest standard of security and data protection? Your passengers would be glued to the value adds and the cleverly infused targeted sales will bring significant benefits to you and your partner ecosystem.

This is why FrontM exists and what FrontM enables.

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FrontM is the Application Platform for Airlines to boost ancillary revenues & transform how onboard users are served.

The platform enables user-centric experiences that are always-on, enjoyable & easy to use for passengers & flight attendants. While Inflight WiFi is a key enabler for ancillary revenues, the profits with MB sales are limited. The trick lies in captivating the audience with as many user interactions as possible internally on the Airline UI to create a 300% boost to profitability.



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We provide an out-of-the-box network efficient Intelligent Messaging application for communication, e-commerce and customer care.