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FrontM is helping shipping derive value from data

The advances in satellite communications and antenna technology are improving ship connectivity, but at a faster rate, ships are becoming sophisticated sensor hubs and data generators.

The massive increase in volumes of data generated needs smart transfer between ship and shore, but more importantly the technology to readily analyse and derive intelligence from the data is ever so important. FrontM fills exactly that gap and automates processes and functions to drive operational efficiencies and savings.

Additionally FrontM brings insights, notifications and alerts from shore based big data platform in a reliable and effective manner to captain and crew. FrontM’s built-in communication features forms a continuous cognitive channel between fleet managers and captain or the crew to collaborate on navigation, weather pattern data, fuel consumption optimisation, port arrival and beyond.


FrontM is helping deliver better internet experience for Cruise Line guests

Cruise guest expectations are set by pioneering retail experiences at home or on land. While at sea, Cruise liners must provide multi-channel engagement, seamless payment processing, personalised service 24x7 to the connected guest. Content marketing with targeted sales has the potential to drive significant ancillary revenues for the cruise liners.

FrontM powers Cruise Liner’s existing customer engagement apps and portal with the SDK. Guests can connect and keep in touch with each other on-board without hitting the internet. Guests can request services from the Crew via the same digital channel. Cognitive intelligence by processing natural language drives personalised experience and superior service levels.


FrontM is helping create sustainable fishing practises

Sustainable fishing means leaving enough fish in the ocean, respecting habitats and ensuring people who depend on fishing can maintain their livelihoods. Governments, regulators and NGOs need digital capabilities alongside connectivity to enforce regulations, help fisherman and create sustainability. Fishermen need affordable connectivity and effective solutions to use at sea to ensure their operations are well managed.

From driving collaboration for fishermen by providing ways of keeping in touch with shore and peers without paying an arm and a leg, to automating catch logging and reporting processes, FrontM covers the fishermen needs comprehensively. For existing solution providers, bundling FrontM with their core solutions is making self-service and collaboration very easy for the fishermen.