At FrontM, Our Mission is to enable business in remote and isolated places by driving Machine Intelligence & Collaboration.

Today we are used to being in control with the whole world being accessible via our mobile. It sucks if this isn't the case when we fly on an aircraft or go on a cruise or work in a remote environment. Most essential is to be self-sufficient as well as to easily communicate with people next to us and across the world. For people working in remote environments this has a direct impact on their operational efficiencies, satisfaction and welfare. For people living in poorly connected world, this is a fundamental limitation and is leading to digital poverty. At FrontM, we help companies and people make the double-stride forward into the future AI and next-generation digital experiences.



We built FrontM to empower the software developer ecosystem to create applications easily for remote spaces.

We started solving problems for the deep-sea fishing market and soon realised how hard it was to enable mobile experiences over intermittent internet connections. We realised that’s why the airline moving maps look so archaic, why digital user experience is poor when there isn’t unlimited internet, and why so many proprietary software and hardware systems are in play in Maritime, Airlines and remote Enterprise markets. We want to enable the ecosystem to address this gap. We love the possibilities enabled by Machine Learning, the messaging space, and care deeply about beautiful code, APIs, and continuous experiences. So we’re constantly obsessing about every aspect of building applications easily on our platform, so you don’t have to.