Intelligent Collaboration. Anywhere

A powerful AI application platform

Connect offline and internet constrained spaces with collaboration, automation, geo-spatial and e-commerce applications


FrontM AI application platform powers a range of off-the-shelf apps for air, sea & remote land markets. Each app is designed to work offline and with 70% more efficiency on Satellite Internet usage.

The platform’s programmable frameworks can also be harnessed to create bespoke apps for specific use cases where lack or absence of unlimited internet means other commonly used solutions aren’t effective.



The four programmable frameworks are designed to address a range of common user-needs, be it for teams operating in remote environments, for teams supporting the remote operations from the HQ or for connecting people in captive environments. Each framework can be applied to specific user-needs and use cases, to create customer white-labelled apps on mobile & web platforms, at pace. Frameworks can also be combined to create powerful apps.


Offline messaging and VoIP calling

>> Peer-to-peer offline instant messaging to make collaborations in offline environments possible

>> Secure public and private group messaging channels for social groups and team collaboration in remote places

>> VoIP for app to app, app-to-PSTN and app-to-satellite calling saving up to 50% on regular telco tariffs

>> Data compression - saving up to 40% data than WhatsApp, to maximise the value of satellite internet

++ Integrates with your company’s existing customer ID service for Single sign on and frictionless on-boarding

++ Integrates with your ERP, CRM, Billing and existing on-prem systems for convergent collaboration

++ Programmability for digitising specific collaboration scenarios (e.g. airline call button)



Contact centre, workflow and process automation

>> Customer engagement, first contact resolution and FAQ automation, to engage & help remote customers then and there

>> Workflows and process automation in offline environments, for high efficiencies and team productivity

>> Machine-learning based anomaly detection and predictive maintenance, putting machine intelligence to work for you

>> Chatbot-based interface for easier user experience, augmenting a powerful UI with graphs, maps and other visual assets

++ Ready integrations with knowledge databases, CRM and back off systems

++ Easily interpret data from on-premise data source, IoT systems and 3rd party date

++ Programmability to automate your customer’s specific processes (e.g. mariner documentation)



Maps & Location tracking & analysis

>> Offline maps and processing of location data to easily solve various tracking and situational awareness needs

>> Alerts and notifications based on user-configurable triggers (e.g. vessel in path of collision) for users to be in full control

>> Machine-learning based geo-spatial analytics to predict incidents before they occur

>> Powerful visualisation of maps augmented with graphs, chatbot and other visual assets for a superior on-the-field user experience

++ Integrate with on-board GPS module, user devices or satellite modules

++ Pre-integrated with satellite optical imagery, AIS, flight tracking

++ Programmability for combining further multi-modal data sources and Machine Learning modules



Discovery & purchase of products & services

>> Conversational e-commerce for the most simplified on-the-move products & services purchase journeys

>> Present promotions and ads on top of content to captive audience (airplanes, ships) for maximum impression

>> Machine-learning based personalisation and targeting for maximum conversion

>> Built-in prepaid wallet for user purchase journey and payment capture in offline environments, making digital shopping in captive environments possible

++ Integrates directly with ad engines, on-board product inventory and 3rd party sources

++ Configurable purchase journeys augmenting into existing or new content-led experiences (e.g. e-commerce via flight route maps)

++ Prepaid wallet in-app top-up integrates with various loyalty programmes and credit systems


FrontM is the World’s first offline Chatbot platform

FrontM’s patent-pending programmable, distributed-intelligence platform enables developers to easily build Chatbot apps with near-user decision making, offline natural language understanding and Edge AI workflows.




Our Pre-built programmable frameworks provide the agility to go from Concept to Market in 10 weeks


Our starting point of helping our customers address their user needs, is understanding the end user. This user-centric design approach involves empathising deeply with the end user’s surroundings and influencing factors.  We capture accurately the current state-of-the-art and their interaction modality with the customer’s service, brand, via the channels and platform in use. We then work with our customers to ideate and pass ideas through our 2-4-4 delivery methodology. Through out the delivery, FrontM team is bedded into the customer’s programme. We maintain a drumbeat of retrospectives and tracking throughout the bi-weekly agile cycles, drive ROI across delivery, people, commercial & technology parameters

2 weeks

Concept to Prototype

Based on mutually agreed goals, objectives and outcomes, user journeys are designed and converted into fully working, integrated app using the frameworks


4 weeks

Prototype to Pilot

An MVP is enabled via FrontM’s multi-tenanted mobile and web apps or via Customer white-labeled apps, for testing on the field. FrontM team defines


4 weeks

Pilot to Commercial Launch

The MVP app is enhanced & delivered via multiple channels & SDK. FrontM tools enable self-serve for maintenance, usage insights & future enhancements.


Your own private app store for offline environments

Drive customer centricity via Mobile UI even when unlimited internet & constant cloud access is a constraint. Bring your ecosystem together and democratise building Edge AI apps with FrontM development tools




Mobile, Web and Desktop Apps to access your Applications


Native & Web Embeddable SDK to power your Private Label UI


Data compression, network efficient and offline functioning


Enterprise ready with private and secured architecture


Programming tool kit to build and maintain your FrontM apps

Distributed intelligence, with EDGE integration & analytics