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  • Network efficient Instant messaging, offline messaging (peer-to-peer over WiFi), group messaging channels, VoIP and PSTN calling

  • Integrate with your existing enterprise user ID provider, SIP servers and CRM systems

  • Monetise usage on a per message or a per minute basis, or create Comms allowances

  • Simplify and extend access to yours systems for users on the move, in the field and in remote spaces

  • Continuous provision of help-desk to automate customer support workflows for diagnostics, troubleshooting or quick help

  • Data-driven Machine Learning models using structured, unstructured and multi-modal data for powerful insights

  • Integration with beyond RESTful and with on-premise data points over any communication protocol

  • Simplify self-service with Conversational AI and with an infusion of graphical UX

  • Create solutions for offline use with local GPS integration from fight feed, satellite terminals, beacons or mobile phones

  • Mix data from earth observation satellite sources, web, weather & enterprise CRM systems

  • Easily plot and visualise data analysis on maps to enable powerful decision making

  • Distributed intelligence with onboard map-tile storage, efficient use of network bandwidth & allowance for information augmentation


  • Drive conversational discovery and purchase journeys, designed keeping remote customers in mind

  • Monetise your FrontM solutions and FrontM Comms as a Service.

  • Integrate with your product catalogue, commerce engine or ads platform to power the UI for a friction-free purchase journey

  • Simply accept payments or create recurring subscriptions. We integrate with global payment platforms.