For isolated users, to be able to interact with a complex system in a natural way, has a high impact on customer satisfaction. FrontM is very exciting for our user community. It is really a step change in giving the control back to the user.
— Carole Plessy Gourdan, Inmarsat

FrontM app is quite simple and effective, yet powerful at the same time. When we are at sea, we rather not spend valuable time learning and figuring out how to use a tool, with FrontM we are off to a start in no time and I feel I am in full control.
— Nirmal , Chief Engineer, Maersk

While companies operating on land scramble to find new ways of using data and digital to grow brand love, FrontM provides a double leap forward for the Cruise-liners. From driving significantly higher operational efficiencies, to providing conversational AI driven intelligent customer insights & experiences, FrontM platform forms a solid one-stop shop for transcending customer connect in the Cruise liner market. A proven & transformational solution delivered within weeks.
— Anant Saxena, CEO, AtomXDigital