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For Airlines, Cruises, Shipping, Enterprises and Service Providers by enabling your own private-labelled

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With FrontM Application Development Platform, easily create Machine Learning applications with simple user experiences



Connect people and systems to drive easy interactions, via FrontM apps or by integrating FrontM Software Development Kit to your existing interfaces



Deploy always-on solutions that make best use of the network connection, data allowance & on-premise & on Cloud data points


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  • Network efficient Instant messaging, offline messaging (peer-to-peer over WiFi), group messaging channels, VoIP and PSTN calling

  • Integrate with your existing enterprise user ID provider, SIP servers and CRM systems

  • Monetise usage on a per message or a per minute basis, or create Comms allowances

  • Simplify and extend access to yours systems for users on the move, in the field and in remote spaces

  • Continuous provision of help-desk to automate customer support workflows for diagnostics, troubleshooting or quick help

  • Data-driven Machine Learning models using structured, unstructured and multi-modal data for powerful insights

  • Integration with beyond RESTful and with on-premise data points over any communication protocol

  • Simplify self-service with Conversational AI and with an infusion of graphical UX

  • Create solutions for offline use with local GPS integration from fight feed, satellite terminals, beacons or mobile phones

  • Mix data from earth observation satellite sources, web, weather & enterprise CRM systems

  • Easily plot and visualise data analysis on maps to enable powerful decision making

  • Distributed intelligence with onboard map-tile storage, efficient use of network bandwidth & allowance for information augmentation


  • Drive conversational discovery and purchase journeys, designed keeping remote customers in mind

  • Monetise your FrontM solutions and FrontM Comms as a Service.

  • Integrate with your product catalogue, commerce engine or ads platform to power the UI for a friction-free purchase journey

  • Simply accept payments or create recurring subscriptions. We integrate with global payment platforms.

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From redefining Cruise Passenger experience to delivering new Crew Welfare Applications through to helping the economic development of the ocean that contributes to prosperity, FrontM for Maritime is a key enabler for a step-change.


To help airlines meet their revenue goals and create the future passenger experience, we provide turnkey applications and drive an open application ecosystem so that Airlines can truly captivate its connected audience and scale.


Engaging communities, driving collaboration, automating processes and making machine interaction with other machines and humans meaningful to transform Customer Experience for enterprises, governmental and non-governmental organisations

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Trusted by the World’s Leading Service Providers, Airlines & Cruises

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